Adoption Services Follow the Lead of Chosen Parents Adoptions, Pioneer of Low or No Cost Up Front Fees

Chosen Parents Adoptions is the pioneer in no or low cost up front fees adoption services . Our mission is to make changes in the U.S. domestic adoption programs that will eliminate services that we refer to as ” pyramid ” schemes , wherein huge amounts of monies are required up front , and more families are brought in continuously in order to keep the company going . Some of these services have 600-1000 clients and may only have 75 successful placements a year.

Our original goal was to see these changes be implemented over the next 10 years , but we are seeing changes much more rapidly . We now estimate that within 5 years the majority of adoption services will eliminate the requirement that thousands of nonrefundable dollars be paid with no guarantees of ever adopting .

We are excited to say that we have seen several adoption services follow our lead now, just within the last several months. This is a huge boost to adopting families who have been so vulnerable . Once again , we strongly suggest that adopting families NEVER pay a large amount of money up front to any adoption service until a match is actually made.

Jennifer Ryan -Director

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