Available Adoption Situations

We ask that you do not contact the professionals that have posted these cases unless you are home study approved and financially able to move forward. Please do not submit your profile unless you are prepared to move forward. If there is a baby due in a week, and you have a planned vacation for that time and a baby will not fit into your schedule, we understand. Please do not submit your profile.  There are a lot of families that want a child but are not ready to proceed, and that can be stressful to the expectant  mothers that choose them , only to find out afterwards that the family cannot afford to move forward or is unable to proceed for other reasons. An average adoption is $35-$45,000. If you are not prepared financially to adopt at this time, please wait until you are . It is not fair to yourselves , the expectant mothers , or the professionals that are handling these cases. There is no fee to have your profile presented for these cases.

Update 10/1/2020 We are sorry but we are at capacity at this time and WE  ARE NOT ACCEPTING ADDITIONAL PROFILES TO POST ON   CHOSENPARENTSADOPTIONS.COM .

Seeking a Childless Couple

The parents placed a healthy newborn via this attorney and service 5 years ago . They are still together , expecting again , and want to bless a childless married  couple with a newborn  Some religion okay , but not interested in anyone that is overtly religious. They reside in Texas , and mother states that she is approximately 10 weeks pregnant. The baby will be 1/2 Hispanic and 1/2 Caucasian .They are raising two children together and are not in a place where they want to start over. Mother states that there is substance abuse  or mental health issues. 
They are seeking very minor financial assistance of approximately $300 a month , so although the wait is lengthy , the estimated cost of this adoption should be reasonable, estimated at approximately $45000. They have already looked at the families that are posted on our site and chose two . One was matched yesterday , and the other has been on our site for a lengthy time and recently signed up with a fertility clinic, so undecided on adoption . If you are already on our ste , please do not submit. All others please send profile, copy of home study , and proof of funds to chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com and we will forward to the attorney that is handling this case.