Available Adoption Situations

We ask that you do not contact the professionals that have posted these cases unless you are home study approved and financially able to move forward. Please do not submit profile unless you are prepared to move forward. If there is a baby due in a week, and you have a planned vacation for that time and a baby will not fit into your schedule, we understand. Please do not submit your profile.  There are a lot of families that want a child but are not ready to proceed, and that can be stressful to the expectant  mothers that choose them , only to find out afterwards that the family cannot afford to move forward or is unable to proceed for other reasons. An average adoption is $35-$45,000. If you are not prepared financially to adopt at this time, please wait until you are . It is not fair to yourselves , the expectant mothers , or the professionals that are handling these cases. There is no fee to have your profile presented for these cases.

WE ARE   ACCEPTING ADDITIONAL PROFILES TO POST ON   CHOSENPARENTSADOPTIONS.COM .   THE SITE  CHOSENPARENTS.COM  EXPLAINS THE  PROGRAM   THERE IS NO CHARGE TO BE POSTED. ADVERTISING  FEES ARE PAID BY THE ATTORNEYS AND AGENCIES THAT EMPLOY THEM TO ADVERTISE. YOU WOULD HIRE THE ATTORNEY OR AGENCY  THAT IS WORKING WITH THE EXPECTANT MOTHER THAT CHOOSES YOU IF YOU DECIDE TO PROCEED.    Please be advised that if you have forwarded your profile to be presented to an adoption professional for an available case, which has an estimated cost of adoption posted , and are selected but can not move forward because you are not prepared financially , you will NOT be able to have your profile for any posted cases presented in the future. Please keep this in mind when presenting your profile. There are no exceptions.

8/7/2020 MATCHED Full Caucasian Baby BOY aged 6 months old in North Carolina. Young parents are overwhelmed and don’t feel like they can raise him . He is a beautiful and healthy blonde little boy. No substance abuses during the pregnancy . Thety want an open adoption , with periodic visits and prefer someone close by . Need someone that is home study approved and ready to go meet them and bring him home. Send profiles to [email protected] and they will be forwarded to the attorney handling the case, Estimated cost $28000.

AVAILABLE Indian (as in Southeast Asia India ) Baby to be born in the state of California in 2021. . Parents are married and going through a divorce . They both agree that they would prefer adoption over termination . No substance abuse. Mother is in her first trimester and gender is unknown . Seeking a family of Christian faith. Please forward profiles to [email protected] and they will be forwarded to the attorney that is handling the case .Estimated cost of this adoption is $35000

7/27/2020 MATCHED 1/2 Hispanic 1/2 African American Baby to be born approximately 9/3/2020 in the state of Texas. Gender unknown . Mother is 14 years old and father is 15. Mother states no drugs, alcohol or smoking . She lives at home and her mother is supportive of an adoption plan . Contact licensed facilitator Cindy Simonson at A Loving Alternative to have your profile forwarded to this mother . Home Study approved families only [email protected] Estimated cost of this adoption is $30,000

7/25/2020 MATCHED Caucasian Baby due end of December 2020 in the state of Florida. Gender Unknown The mother has placed a child through our service 2 years ago , and has lost her other children to the state. Her and the father are together , and she states that he is cooperative. He did cooperate in the last adoption . She is in a methadone program . Home study approved families only can send their profile to attorney Colette Wilson at [email protected] Estimated cost of this adoption is $38000.00

7/25/2020 MATCHED African American Baby BOY born July 9th 2020 in the state of Georgia. Mother state that there are no health issues . Mother is seeking an OPEN adoption where she can have ongoing contact with the family . She had made an adoption plan with another agency during her pregnancy , but she realized at the end that she would not ever really know who the family was , and just receive monthly photos via the agency . She felt forced upon this realization to bring the baby home and seek out a family that wanted more openness. She loves her son , but has a 1 year old and is going to school and knows that she is unable to meet this child’s needs. Contact licensed facilitator Cindy Simonson at A Loving Alternative to have your profile forwarded to this mother . Home Study approved families only