Chosen Parents Adoptions Inc. has a unique and innovative approach to adopting . We have , in essence , pioneered changes in the field of adoption that gives control back to the families that are seeking to adopt .

Our approach is different .. in fact it works backwards from every traditional service . We require no up front fees to be paid. We encourage you to explore other services and we are thrilled when you adopt , whether it be through us or another source. We wish you a successful and positive adoption journey and we look at ourselves as a marketing tool which may assist you in that journey .

Let’s start off by explaining our approach , and how we may be able to assist you . If you are just now looking into adopting , we want to explain the steps that you will be required to take in order to get started.

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you want to adopt internationally or domestically . International adoption requires that you hire what is called a ” Hague approved ” licensed adoption agency. If you are seeking to adopt internationally , there is no need to read any further as we are unable to help you . Our focus is solely on domestic newborn adoption .

If you have decided to adopt domestically , you should know that there are two avenues that you can take. One is via private adoption . This is by either locating an expectant mother on your own , or hiring a service to assist you in locating a child to adopt. If you hire a service to assist you in locating a child to adopt, you should plan on spending $45-$75,000 from start to finish , as there are attorney / agency fees to be paid, mother’s living expenses, court fees and advertising fees to be paid. If you choose to locate your own child to adopt, the fees will be much less, but there will still be legal fees and perhaps some living expenses for the mother .

If you are unable to afford the costs that are related to private adoption , the second choice is what is called Fost- Adopt. Most states/ counties offer what is called a Fost-Adopt program . You can find out more by contacting your local County Department of Social Services and ask them to transfer you to the Department of Adoptions. Some counties will have a direct line to the Department of Adoptions.

What is Fost Adopt ? Fost -Adopt is a government program that is set up so that children that are removed from their parents , or are given up willingly by their parents to the county , are put directly into a home wherein the parents are seeking to adopt rather than to just do temporary foster care . This ensures that the child is not removed from the only home that they know and put into a second home once the parental rights have been severed and the child becomes legally eligible to be adopted. There is no fee to adopt a child through the Fost -Adopt program , and it can be a great way for some families that are unable to afford the high costs of private adoption to add to their family . In fact , in most cases, the family is actually compensated by the county to care for the child while the rights of the biological parents are being terminated. The downside to Fost -Adopt is that the family may end up having the child for an extended period of time , and there is a chance that the biological parents or their family member are awarded custody of the child. and the child will be removed from the home . In addition , there are very few newborns/toddlers available, and the waiting list can be quite long . It can be years in some locations before a case is available. For those open to older children or sibling groups the wait is very short and there is a huge demand for families for these children .

If you have your focus on a private domestic adoption , you have several options available to you. The first choice would be to hire a full service licensed adoption agency . A full service adoption agency usually requires a large sum of money be paid up front . This fee may or may not be refundable if you end up adopting elsewhere . Their fees can run up to $75,000, but the higher cost services can include everything .. counseling , medical expenses if any , etc. They also may commit to a completed adoption for that amount, meaning that the fee is all inclusive until you have a baby in your home , which may be appealing to some people that can afford it. The problem with such services though is that with fewer and fewer women choosing adoption , there is no telling if and when the agency will ever find a situation . There have been a lot of agencies filing bankruptcy lately , even some very large ones such as the Independent Adoption Center , which was the largest in the United States . It can be frustrating to have your entire adoption budget tied up with a corporation and to be at their mercy , not knowing if you will ever receive “that ” call. We receive calls daily from families that have made the mistake of hiring one of these services only to see years slip by with nothing . We suggest that if you do choose to work with one of these large full service agencies that you make sure that you can receive a refund if they never perform , and then just hope that they don’t close their doors prior to them fulfilling their obligation .

Another choice that will give you a lot more control over your adoption journey would be to locate a child to adopt yourself. THEN hire the professionals needed to make it happen . We have a list of adoption consultants that can assist you in your journey if you decide to go this way . We can not recommend one in particular, so be sure to do your home work and ask for references and read reviews !

,RG Adoption Consulting

 Faithful Adoption Consultants

 Adoption Information Services

 Christian Adoption Consultants 

Evermore Adoption Consultants

The Joyful Adoption

This will alleviate the risk of tying up large sums of money and will also be less costly . The downside to seeking to locate your own situation , is that there is a lot of marketing and advertising involved. You should set up a phone that needs to be answered 24/7 and we believe that the risk of being victimized by a “fraudulent ” mother , that is someone that has no intention of placing her child and may not even be pregnant , but is reaching out for emotional or financial gain . is increased dramatically for those that advertise on their own . In addition , unless you are focused on free advertising and word of mouth , the cost to advertise on Google can run into the tens of thousands of dollars ., inevitably making it cost prohibitive. If you are able to locate a child on your own to adopt, and you have not had to pay for online advertising and there are little to no living expenses that need to be paid for the birth mother, you can end up spending less than $12000 in legal fees and court costs , and you can probably get that back through the Adoption Tax Credit.

The last option , which we believe to be the best , is to take advantage of our program. You will not have any money tied up, we do all of the advertising with a daily spend of $10,000 , we answer all incoming calls 24/7 , if you choose to move forward on a case and it doesn’t work out the majority of our fee is refundable , and you have complete control on leaving us at any time. In addition , you will be dealing with licensed experienced professionals that will be able to guide you.

Beginning the Process of a Private Placement Adoption using Chosen Parents Adoptions

The first step that we recommend is that you retain an adoption consultant if you do not already have an adoption attorney or agency . The cost of a consultant averages $1800-$3500. There are many available, and we have a list above . We recommend that you call several or all, and get a feel for their business. Ask what their fees are , and what services that they provide. Make sure that they give you references, or that you have done your due diligence . Do not expect the adoption consultant to locate a child for you to adopt. That is not their role. Their role is to educate you about the process, and advise you along the way as well as to be your support system .

Once you have your consultant , the next step is to locate a private licensed child placement agency near you and have them do a home study . The cost for a home study varies depending on the state that you live in . It can be anywhere from $950 in the state of Wyoming to $3000 + in California. The home study is a detailed report , including a criminal background check which is like a license to adopt. The social worker that does the home study will come to your home, interview you extensively , check references, and make sure that there are no concerns in regards to your ability to support a child.

Once your home study is complete , it is time to put your parent profile together. You can actually start this sooner, and hopefully it will be ready to go upon the completion of your home study. A parent profile is a pdf file that you put together that has photos of you and your home, friends, extended family . It is an autobiography that tells about you and why you want to adopt. This profile will be your main marketing tool in your quest to adopt. Take your time and make it a good one, even if you have to hire a professional to do it. It is a small cost in comparison to the total cost of adoption , and well worth it. You can go to and see some sample profiles . If you click on the photos the profile will open . Your consultant will be able to recommend a professional to assist you in creating a great parent profile.

Now that your home study is done, your consultant is on board and your profile is ready, you should be all set to have us step in with our advertising program and assist you. To get started , we will require a copy of your home study ( or a letter from the provider stating that it is complete and approved ) , your parent profile, a separate photo that will be attached to your profile, your contact information , the following agreement signed online which gives us permission to post your profile CLICK HERE and a list of criteria ( race of child, open to substance abuse, etc.) We do not post families that are gender specific. If you are looking for a specific gender of child, then you are welcome to forward your profile to be considered to any cases that we have posted on our site under Available Adoption Situations.

Once we receive the required information , we will post you on our site . There is no fee paid for us to post you on our site . If you are chosen by a mother , and if you choose to proceed, then the professional that you hire will charge an advertising fee. We spend approximately $5,000 in online advertising a day . As an advertising service , we are not able to match mothers that contact us. We are not facilitators , attorneys or social workers . We are web designers and search engine experts . Our clients are attorneys , agencies and licensed facilitators. If we post your profile on our site , and an expectant mother sees your profile and is interested in having you adopt her baby , we will refer the mother to one of our professional clients . The attorney / agency/ facilitator that we refer the case to may of may not be located in the same state as either you or the expectant mother. If it is an attorney or agency in your own state , you may or may not choose to continue to work with them in regards to the legal work that may need to be done at some point . We do not work with adopting families. As a courtesy we post families on our site .

Once the adoption professional receives the referral, they will call her and assess her situation . They should gather a social history and identification, if available, and a proof of pregnancy .They normally do NOT have medical records, and this is not something that we would acquire prior to a match .You can ask the mother about the health of her and her child, and she can relay any known issues , but many times we deal with women that have had no prenatal care . Medical records can take weeks, sometimes even months to obtain. If receiving medical records is a requirement for you in order to proceed, then we may not be the right program for you . Remember, you are paying for advertising , not for a full service adoption agency , who would normally obtain records before the match . There is , of course , a price to pay a full service agency in time and finances, but if that is important to you then we recommend that you go in that direction .

The adoption professional should also assess her financial needs and put an estimated budget together . They will usually encourage her to choose a back up family or two in case she does not fit your criteria. Once the professional has gathered this information , they will contact you and go over all of the information . If, based on the information that has been given to you., you are interested in going the next step, the professional will arrange for you to speak with the expectant mother via a conference call. An average adoption using our service runs approximately $42,000, which is less than most services . Yes, that does include the marketing fee .

The conference call will be set up by the adoption professional , and they will be on the call as well to help guide you and the mother. The call should consist of you introducing yourself and letting her know about your eagerness to add to your family and how much you will welcome her child. Of course , in the context of the conversation it is important that you hear for yourself some of the same information that she may have already given to the professional. For example, questions about the father and health of the child. If she has already admitted to substance abuse then that topic can be touchy , as most are ashamed and may be uncomfortable discussing this. . If you are concerned that there might be additional substances that were not mentioned, then now is the time to ask . If, she has stated that there is no substance abuse , then ok to just have her verify it. The bottom line is that now is your opportunity to get all of the questions and concerns that you may have out of the way in order to be able to make a decision as to whether to move forward or not. You will not be able to give or receive any identifying information during this call. Unfortunately , a dishonest few have ruined it for the majority that are honest . We are no longer even able to give a photo of the mother out in advance , as we have had people take the photo link and Google it , and then locate the mother and attempt to persuade her to circumvent our service which had gone to great expense to receive the contact.

Our agreement with the professional allows for 48 hours after the conference call to commit to move forward . We suggest that if you know that you want to move forward that you let the professional know immediately , as of course the mother may feel rejected for 2 days if she has not received a commitment . The professional will also contact the mother after the call to find out if she is interested in a commitment to you . She may be unsure and want to speak to another family or two to compare . Sometimes they feel an obligation to speak to more than one family , so that they feel like they didn’t just go with the first one, and that they really researched and put a lot of effort into finding the best parents for their child.

You should have received a copy of the adoption professional’s contract by now. Every contract is different , and it is important that you understand it. Because the professional pays our fee, there will be mention of our agreement with the professional and a copy of our agreement should be attached , . Our contract makes it clear that under certain circumstances , you would be entitled to a refund of a portion of the advertising fee in the event that the adoption plan failed. The most common reason for such a disruption is because the expectant mother at some point in the pregnancy or after the birth changes her mind and realizes that she does not want to move forward with an adoption plan.

If you choose to move forward with the case, you would sign the contract and send monies in as requested. You have, in essence , paid for the block of advertising that we have paid for upfront and for the work that the adoption professional has put in . You are NOT paying for a baby , you are paying for Google ads and the block of advertising that has produced this particular situation that you have chosen to move forward with . Many people that contract for a case are upset in the event of a failure , and feel that since they did not end up adopting , that they should receive a full refund. Especially when they are matched for a very short period of time,, and the adoption plan disrupts . Of course , much better to have a disruption early rather than after supporting a mother for 6 months and being at the birth . Both scenarios are devastating , but the truth is that those that are matched for a lengthy period of time never seem as disgruntled as those that have quick failures. Bottom line is that we can not guarantee that your adoption plan will be successful , and the risk needs to be realized up front .

Our job is now done and we are out of the loop. We will mark your profile as “chosen parents “, as this gives hope to other families that are seeking to adopt. They are able to see that the program works . You will have been referred to legal counsel or a licensed agency in the state where the child is going to be born ,and that professional will handle the legal issues until and after the birth .

If the adoption fails , and if it is for a reason that is accepted under our refund policy as spelled out in our contract , you will sign a request for refund, to be accompanied by a letter from the attorney or agency that was hired in the birth mother’s state validating the disruption , and a refund will be sent in a timely manner. We do not rematch or hold on to funds. We want you to be able to move forward on another case if presented , and we want you to have the necessary funds returned as soon as possible. The adoption professional that you work with will have attached a copy of the agreement that they have with us when you con

In closing , we wish you a speedy and positive adoption journey . We know that many of you have waited for a very long time to add to your family , and we believe that you are in the home stretch now. Although we can’t say when or if you will be chosen through our site , we commit to do our very best to make sure that you are treated with professionalism and care .