We have compiled a list of links to  services for families that are seeking to adopt. These are websites that post expectant mothers that are seeking adoptive parents for their child. Many of the services that posted in the past have gone out of business or no longer have postings.  We do not advocate for or recommend any of the listed services, and suggest that anyone that seeks to retain one of them do their own due diligence before proceeding with the retaining of any adoption professional. Be very cautious when paying large amounts of money up front just to be presented.

FOREVER AFTER ADOPTIONS  Attorneys post expectant mother situations that are seeking adoptive parents for their unborn babies. There are no upfront fees.
ABC ADOPTIONS is an online post board opened to attorneys and adoption professionals. No registration or application necessary to send your profile. 
ADOPT US KIDS   is a national database of adoptable children including sibling groups throughout the United States. The majority are in the foster care system They describe themselves as   ” A national project working to ensure that children and teens in foster care get safe, loving, permanent families. “
A ACT OF LOVE ADOPTIONS  This sounds like they require an “application fee” to be paid upfront , but may be worth looking into.
Premier Adoptions another service that requires registration in order to be presented. That could mean up front fees , but worth looking into.