What if there was a way they adopting parents could have an advertising campaign wherein their own personal website came in at the very top of a Google search , above all of the large national agencies and attorneys when an expecting mother did a search for “I want to give my baby up for adoption “? or “”find adopting parents for my child “? What if the cost to do this was less than the cost to pay a service for advertising ? What if the #1 adoption service in the United States put your profile , in the advertising space that they would normally occupy so that all incoming calls went to you instead of them ? We believe that our online adoption advertising program can allow that .

There are many companies out here that charge a hefty upfront fee to promise to advertise on behalf of adopting parents with the hope of locating an adoptable child . It is a difficult decision for adopting parents to move forward with handing over a huge amount of money to a complete stranger with the commitment being that they will  work to locate a child for them to adopt ” with our best efforts ” . This, accompanied by the required signature on a contract that prohibits the adopting parents from ever stating anything negative about the company. Profiles are put on a site with hundreds of others with very little hope that anyone will ever be “chosen ” . A small percentage of profiles are brought to the viewers attention under the label “featured families ” . We wonder how one becomes a “featured ” family ? Pay more ? Who is in the first spot , after all many are on page 10 , and how many eyes ever see them ? We can say that we receive calls from families 4 and 5 years after paying such companies. They have been sitting by a phone that never rang year after year . They gave control of their adoption journey away the day they wrote the check .

Now, a new breed of advertising companies is springing up . Instead of a huge lump sum , which many are now wary of, it’s a thousand cuts . Only $75 a month. Or $150 a month . That’s nothing in the scheme of things , but if the company has 100 families that can be $7500 a month . How much of that is going to advertising ? We recommend that potential families request to see a copy their adwords bill. If they are not willing to share that they are spending the money on ads , we recommend that this company be avoided . Most of these companies offer to take the calls that come in from their clients advertising expenditures if the client decides to expand their campaign at an additional cost . What guarantee do they have that an expectant mother that saw their profile is sent to them ? Is there another huge fee tacked on if their advertising dollars pay off ? Why ? Does this mean that the business can spend $3000 of the $7500 , have the ability to bring new  families in on a promising call and  make another $15-20,000 for giving the adopting family the mother’s phone number that called in off of the advertising that the adopting family paid for ? The adopting parents have no control over their adoption journey .
Chosen Parents Adoptions Inc. has always been about putting control of the adoption journey into the hands of those whose journey it is . The expectant mothers and the parent(s) that are going to be raising her child. That is why we will never accept any monies from adopting parents in order to advertise them on our site , no matter how small of an amount. That is why we do not nor will we ever post photos of the newborn baby that you adopted through our service. This is your journey , not ours , and your son or daughter is not a trophy that should ever be plastered on an adoption advertising website . Yes, we think differently than  other services , and we work differently . We believe that they have been doing it wrong all these years.

Although our service is the #1 adoption service in the United States , we are always looking for more effective programs to add to our services . We believe that we have one. First we will begin by psoting a recent   Google adwords printout of adoption services in the United States for the last 30 days so that you can get an idea of where the business is going .

We are at the top marked “you ” . The majority of expectant mothers either find an adoption service through an online Google search , or if they are a licensed adoption agency they are referred by governmental agencies . 

Google ads are shown based on the key word quality score and the bid. We have spent years creating a campaign that  eliminated keywords that cost us unnecessarily and focusing on a campaign that allowed us an unusually high quality score . Our campaigns cannot be replicated . Other services try , but as you can see, come nowhere close to us . 
Now , what if we gave YOU our campaign ? Instead of you being on page 10 of 1000 families , or handing money over to someone that may not even be running ads.. what if you were at the top page of every Google search wherein an  expecting mother did a search for  “I want to give my baby up  for adoption ?”  Worried about taking the call ? You would have your own generated number and a printout of all calls that come in , and the calls can go straight to your attorney or other adoption professional .  Online forms will go directly to you . There is no huge dollar amount paid if you end up matching . There is nothing additional owed. What if you receive a call for a situation that will not work for you ? You can be our advertising partner and we will  reimburse you for your ads.

WE will create your website , lease   our specialized adwords campaign  to you at a very reasonable rate , and allow you to decide the dollar amount that you want to spend. The huge amounts of money that goes into the pockets of the “finders’  will remain in your pockets , and we don’t even mind if YOU are #1 in adwords advertising above us , because if you win , we all win .Y es , there will be a lot of upset “finders” as they realize that you don’t need them , but  you will  be empowered.  Feel free to reach out to Jennifer at chosenparentsadoptions@gmail.com to discuss further . This is in the early stages , so we are just beginning to put it together , but we promise to be extra generous to the earliest applicants .  Best wishes