Chosen Parents Adoption Services™ is a nationally recognized online platform that facilitates the connection between qualified adopting parents and licensed attorneys and agencies across the United States, who are actively seeking families for infant adoption situations. It serves as a valuable resource for home study-approved adoptive parents to identify children available for adoption through reputable licensed entities.

Moreover, we assist expectant parents by connecting them with adoption professionals tailored to their specific needs. Unlike other online adoption platforms, both parties involved can rest assured that they are collaborating with licensed experts, ensuring the legality and safety of their adoption plan. Chosen Parents Adoptions is an exclusive service employed by adoption attorneys and licensed agencies throughout the country to advertise on their behalf.

Our extensive marketing efforts are targeted at women considering adoption, and you can often find us at the top of online search results related to adoption. We also advertise in crisis pregnancy centers, Yellow Pages, hospitals, social media, and various adoption websites, among other channels. Birth mothers responding to our advertising benefit from an array of options that may surpass what they’d find through traditional agencies, which is why so many entrust us with their adoption journey.

Furthermore, our website, allows potential adoptive families with approved home studies to showcase their profiles online, with no charge for featuring them. However, if a potential expectant mother selects them and decides to move forward, payment will be required to the adoption professional handling the case. This professional, working closely with the expectant mother, will discuss the social history and associated costs to enable the adoptive family to make an informed decision about proceeding with the adoption process.

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Posting on our website,, is completely free for prospective parents. To be featured on our site, it is essential to collaborate with an adoption consultant or another adoption professional, such as an attorney. We aim to showcase a wide array of adopting parents, so please understand that not all applications will be approved. For detailed information on the requirements, please follow this link.