Can We Adopt a Baby for Low Cost or Free ?

Surprisingly , there is a program that is in place that may help you financially in your adoption journey. The program allows for a monthy dollar amount as well as possible partial payment for agency/attorney fees. The program is set up only for situations wherein the child was likely to have been placed into the foster care system , as in the fact that the mother is homeless, suffers mental illness or substance abuse issues, etc. Obviously , if you are looking to adopt but are not open to these types of cases, then this would not be an option for your adoption. There are some hoops to jump through, but if you have the time, and if you are low on funds, it may be very well worth your while.

“State funded adoption assistance ” may be available for a child that you adopt privately, not just through the state’s foster care system. Every state has different stipulations, and here is a link (option A) That will tell you what those stipulations are.

It appears that , in most cases, a licensed child placement needs to be involved, rather than just an attorney .The agency should be what is termed Title IV-E approved, meaning that the agency is approved by the state to assist in state foster care. Aside form the agency, this program appears to allow for the state to pay for 1/2 of the attorney fees as well. Here is a link to the American bar Association.—december-2019/claiming-title-iv-e-funds-to-pay-for-parents-and-childrens-attor/

Chosen Parents reached out to a licensed agency in the state of California who is a participant in this program , and they validated that , indeed, this is available. They stated that they had not done a lot of these cases . only 4 or so as it was time consuming and there tends to be some roadblocks. It could also be , that most adopting parents don’t know about this program. If you contact your adoption attorney to inquire , don’t be surprised if they have no knowledge , as we had never heard of it until now and we have been in business for 35 years. In addition , none of the adoption attorneys that we work with were aware of it. Instead, contact a large agency that also deals with foster care in your state.

If an adopting parent located their own child to adopt and the child qualified for the state adoption assistance program and then received a tax credit of up to $14080.00 , the answer to the question, “Can we adopt for free or very low cost ?” could very well be yes.

In addition there are services that make loans for those that are seeking to adopt. This is a link that was forwarded to us to post and that can explain the loans that are available.

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