Beware Fake Scamming Adoption “Attorneys”

Just when we thought we had seen or heard every possible type of adoption scam , a new one pops up. Last week we were contacted by an adoption attorney who was concerned . She asked us if we had ever heard of an attorney in the state of Nevada by the name Adam Gough. She sent us a a link to his website , and explained that he had been contacting adopting couples directly through their advertising efforts stating that he had “many adoption situations” available.
The attorney that contacted me had never heard of this guy .Subsequently she could find no law license for him in the state of Nevada where he purported to be. We did some research and found that the photo used on the site was stolen from the site of a criminal attorney by another name in Kentucky . The entire set up is fraudulent and we want people to be warned. We only post situations on our site who have been verified as legal adoption entities.

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