End of Life for Premature Baby Girl ?

One of our Client attorneys tells the story of an Hispanic couple that gave birth to a baby girl  that was 3 months premature. The couple spoke only  Spanish , and there was no bilingual nurse or social worker available, so the couple’s teen aged daughter served as the interpreter between her parents and the doctors.

The scene was grave. The doctors explained that due to brain bleeds and from being on oxygen , their child would suffer from severe brain damage and would most likely never walk or learn to speak. She would probably need a feeding tube her entire life. They asked if the parents  wanted to allow the baby girl to succumb peacefully , or if they wanted them to do what they could to ensure her survival, now that they knew what the quality of life would be. They explained that there were families available that would be willing to adopt her even with the extreme disabilities , if they did not feel that they were capable of raising her. They needed an immediate answer.

After the daughter explained this to her parents , they spoke softly to each other for a few minutes , and  with tears , her father told his daughter in Spanish that they believed that it was best that they let the baby go to heaven.

Their daughter walked over to the doctors , and said that her parents had chosen life, and to please do whatever they could to save her.

Our client personally knows the family that has adopted her. She is now a healthy and happy normal 5 year old

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