We ARE Pro-Life

Years ago when only yellow page advertising was available, and online advertising was just in the very early stages, , while in the San Antonio area, I opened the yellow pages under the ” adoption” heading to see which agencies were actively advertising . I did this often in order to make sure that my company was being competitive in our advertising efforts . .


The “abortion” heading was usually only a page ahead of the “adoption ” heading , and I glanced at a large full page ad under “abortion services ‘. When I arrived at the adoption page I saw another full page ad that caught my attention because the company name and the colors and format of the ad were so familiar . I went back to the abortion ad that I had glanced at . The ads , as well as the company names were almost identical with one advertising that they did abortions, and the other advertising that they were an adoption agency . I found this to be very disturbing so I called the adoption agency that was advertising , and asked them if they were one and the same as the abortion clinic. The woman that answered was obviously nervous and fumbled with her words, initially talking in circles without actually answering my question , and finally admitted that yes, the same people that owned the abortion clinic owned the adoption agency . “But “, she said, nervously , ” They are two separate corporations”, as if this statement detached the businesses significantly . I realized that she was unaccustomed to people calling her and asking that question. No doubt very few people had put two and two together. I wondered if she answered both incoming lines, and if so did she ever accidentally get them confused ? I believe this company still exists, but that they have changed their format so that people will no longer discover this.

This incident followed me. The thought of women going in for a termination , only to find out that they are too far along in the pregnancy , so they were shuffled over to the adoption agency . Someone did not want to miss an opportunity to make a profit off of this baby. I personally found this to be egregious. How can someone be both Pro Family and Pro -Choice ? It was difficult for me to accept or wrap my mind around.

To this day , I see adoption agencies state that they are PRO -CHOICE . These are large agencies with stellar reputations. Yes, there are a lot of adoption services these days that aim to be politically correct . They do not want to offend anyone . We respect your opinion , and we would never discriminate against anyone for their views . It has just always been hard to understand, though , how an adoption service whose purpose is to help to create families could be Pro- Choice and proud of it . , I find it disturbing to even write the “other ” word that starts with the letter “a” and ends with “tion” , so hard to understand how the thought can be so easily encompassed by the same people that celebrate births of adopted babies. For some reason , whenever I see the websites of these services proudly touting their position , I am reminded of the abortion/adoption service in San Antonio. Yes, I know that they are not actually doing abortions, but I think just having those words on the adoption site brings my thoughts back to that .. the correlation of the two “services” . Even if those that work there are Pro-Choice … does the corporation itself have to advertise that they are ? Women that are going to their site are exploring adoption not termination . It is hard to understand why they find it important to announce their views . I suppose , though , that if it is , for whatever reason , important for an adoption service to advertise their views, that we should do the same . Chosen Parents Adoptions is PRO- LIFE.

Jennifer -Director