When seeking to add to one’s family , emotions can easily take over . Adoptive parents WANT to believe that the service that they have hired is   going to help make their dreams of a child come true. These adoption professionals, although they may be well intentioned ,oftentimes have the will to help but many  just don’t have the means. They state  that they network and that they advertise . A lot of them have amazing websites and very polished salespeople . Numbers don’t lie. Ask them to show you the numbers . We don’t mind showing you the numbers… but then we are #1 .. so we WANT to show you the numbers. There is no other adoption service that comes close to competing with us, and we want to claim that best of the best award . After all , it  has been and continues to be , a lot of work to put us in the number one  position. Yes,  we do understand that there is no advantage to you that we are the best if you aren’t able to hire us, but if you do end up using one of our attorney or agency clients to adopt, you will be able to go into this with open eyes and understand the depth of what we do and be able to make a confident decision if the time comes. that works directly with attorneys and agencies regarding their adoption advertising needs.  If you have been referred to this link by your attorney or licensed professional it is probably because you are seeking to adopt and your professional is using our service. Chosen Parents Adoptions designs and operates over 50 websites and is a leader in search engine marketing and optimization.  Please request a copy of our agreement from your professional that outlines our efforts and our refund policy. Chosen Parents Adoptions does not work directly with families that are seeking to adopt, and we are not available to the public.

Screen shot of Google Adwords campaign July 2. 2019 through August 31,2019

1. Chosen Parents Adoptions has many search engine friendly websites.

Chosen Parents Adoptions is an advertising service that encompasses SEM ( search engine marketing )  and SEO ( search engine optimization). We design , manage and operate approximately 50 websites that assist us in our marketing efforts to refer birth parents to our attorney and adoption agency clients.  A few of the websites that we own  are and .We have similar websites for almost every state in the country. This helps in searches.

2. Chosen Parents Adoptions comes in  #1  in SEM

What is Search Engine Marketing  (SEM ) ?

Search Engine Marketing is paid online advertising , such as Google Adwords , Bing , Yahoo, Facebook etc. Businesses contract with search engines or other online sites and they normally agree to pay a certain  amount of money every time their ad appears and someone clicks on it . SEM is critical in order to be a successful business these days. The vast majority of  birth mothers  call in from Google. Google is by far the largest and most used search engine in the world. In order to be a successful adoption service , it is critical that the service that you are working with have the finances to be able to advertise  through  SEM . In addition , the ads that the service generates must be relevant have a  good quality score , meaning that when someone does a search , the ad is clicked on because it is relevant to their search . For example, if someone types in ” I want to give my baby up for adoption”, and an ad pops up that says, ” Adopt a Pit Bull  Puppy “,  it is doubtful that it will be clicked on , and the quality score will decrease.

It is a process to create ads and bid in order to show up at the top of Google.  Chosen Parents  Adoptions is consistently in the 1.4 to 2.1  range for all relevant search terms on Google  . What does that mean ? We average either the first or second spot . The below chart  which is created by Google Adwords ( that our competition does NOT want you to see ) shows that we appear in  93.39% of all ads that we request. In addition we are at the top of the page 92.54 % of those times. As you can see, we are way ahead of our competition , and  with almost 20,000  possible keywords, we are always going to appear when someone is seeking information about placement.  We are happy to provide  an updated chart for any time frame that you would like, this one was  1/ 10/2019.

Okay , now that we have touched base on SEM,  and have shown that we are the leader of Search Engine Marketing ,  we will go on to explain SEO . or Search Engine Optimization .

3. Chosen Parents Adoptions is #1 in SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) ?

Search engine optimization is the  process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.  The cost of running an SEM campaign can be costly .. we have paid in excess of $100 a click depending on what the search inquiry was for. Even though we have a budget of over  $6000.00 a day for ads, this amount can be gone prior to the end of the day.  If there was a way .. and there is .. to get free ads, then everyone would want them. And they do . But… it isn’t quite that easy. In fact, it is a very difficult process to have your website appear in the first place in search result organically . There is no person or business that a company can go to and pay any amount of money that can guarantee  to be put in the first page organic position . It is pure strategy. And diligence. And many hours of hard work. We aren’t going to give away our secrets , but  we are well on our way to being in that position on a national level, and we have already achieve that goal in many searches. Our sister service , Forever After Adoptions, as well as Chosen Parents Adoptions  are industry leaders in online advertising.

If an expectant mother was to do a search for an adoption agency in Barlow Oregon on the Bing search engine, this is what would come up.

or here is a search for an adoption agency in Sundance Wyoming. We are in the first spot organically under the paid ads. And second, third, fourth and fifth.

Each of the websites that are circled in are owned by Chosen Parents Adoptions.  Although there may be cities or towns that do not bring us up , all of the searches that we did brought us up on the first page and the first , and sometimes second and third positions as well.


Below, it can be seen that a Google search for ” adoption agency in Kingman Arizona” brings us in the #1 spot. Google is  a much more difficult search engine to master than others, and it can take many years to show up first in all cities and states.


or a search for an adoption agency in Alturas California lists us as the first two adoption services.  ( we have multiple website names that help to put us in first second and even third position in order to eliminate the competition).


A search for adoption in Calabasas California  puts us in 1st , 2nd and 4th positions.

Our goal is to appear in first second and third positions for all search terms under each and  every single city and state in the United States with all search engines.   Now you may be able to understand why we would have sites named or . Each    website consists of between 2 and 5 pages for each and every town and city in that state. We are working on zip code pages as well for those that are searching for an adoption service based on a zip code search rather than a page search .  There is no simple formula to achieve this , and a lot of our accomplishments have been through hours and hours of trial and error, as there are no simple rule books or instructions on how to accomplish this. As you can see, we are off to a great start of meeting our goal, and there is no other adoption service that compares.

4. Chosen Parents Adoptions has a Network

We have spent years developing relationships with doctor’s offices, hospitals, pregnancy counseling centers  and adoption professionals. Due to our relationships, we receive many referrals . These referrals are passed on to our Attorney / Agency Clients as Chosen Parents Adoptions does not match . We also receive many referrals from previous Birth Mothers that have our service and recommend us to friends and acquaintances.

5. Chosen Parents Adoptions has a REFUND Policy

Who does THAT ? A refund policy ? Unheard of. Yes, the attorney or agency that we work with will be happy to go over our policy prior to you retaining them. We aren’t talking about a few dollars back. We are talking about the MAJORITY of the fee that is paid to us is refunded. You are not stuck in a 2 year contract with a promise that we will do “everything we can ” to find you another situation if this one doesn’t work out.  ( Knowing that a very large percentage of those people do not adopt in that 2 year window ) .We aren’t going to keep the money that you  may very well need if you find a situation elsewhere. You are going to get your money back ! Simple as that . We want you to be able to adopt a baby .. whether it is through us or someone else. That is our goal.

6. We will post your profile at NO COST unless chosen , if you are referred to us by  one of our clients on our site 

Yes, we are happy to post profiles of any home study approved family that is working with one of our clients . There is no fee to be posted , and the family will have the advantage of receiving thousands of dollars worth of advertising at their disposal with no upfront fees. You only pay for advertising if you get results and you choose to move forward with a case.   If you are successful in adopting through another service , we are thrilled for you . Just send us an email and we will remove your profile.

7. Chosen Parents Adoptions is  selective of who we work with .

If your attorney or agency has referred you to this page , Congratulations ! Chosen Parents  Adoptions only contracts with the very best adoption professionals in the United States. We have a very limited pool of clients, and very seldom do we have openings for new clients. We simply cannot take on all of the attorneys or agencies that would like to benefit from our program. We can assure you though  , you are in the very best hands. We wish you a positive and fruitful journey into parenthood, and commit to doing our job in making this a positive experience for all.