Adoption Consultant Reviews Chosen Parents Adoptions recommends that if you are just starting the adoption process that you hire a reputable adoption consultant. Adoption consultants are invaluable at educating and being a support system to the adopting family . Consultants do not “match” families or commit to locating an expectant mother for adopting families, however they will usually advise adopting families as to how to find someone that is considering adoption for their child. In addition , many have a network of adoption professionals that they work with and can advise their clients if they hear of a case.

Fees can run anywhere from $2000 to $5000 . Be sure when selecting a consultant that you find out exactly what all this fee includes. Some may include putting together a parent profile and website , others may just be a support system . We have found that when people are disappointed in a service it is usually because they didn’t fully understand the role of the service. Oftentimes they are expecting the consultant to match them with a prospective expectant mother without realizing that it would cost many times more than the fee charges to advertise .

Chosen Parents Adoptions is willing to advertise on behalf of all adoption consultant’s clients with the exception of Mustard Seed Adoption Consultants, LLC, Cartersville, Georgia and Hello Baby Adoption Adoption Consultants in Glastonbury Connecticut . Chosen Parents Adoptions Inc. holds a very high bar , and will not work with consultants that have less than a 4 star review on our very fair 1 to 10 star review process. Both of these services have a one star review, and are not recommended. There are no up front fees to be posted on our sister site , and the advertising fee is paid only if and when the adopting parents have benefited from our advertising .

We do have a list of adoption consultants that you are welcome to contact . It can be found here .