Chosen Parents Adoptions Reviews

Chosen Parents Reviews and Testimonials

“Chosen Parents Adoptions treated me with respect and dignity throughout the adoption process. After working with another service for over two months, I had not even been presented with any potential adoptive parents to choose from . With Chosen Parents Adoptions, I was able to look at profiles within minutes and start reading through them .” -Sara ( expectant mother )

” We had been trying to adopt for over 3 years when we heard about Chosen Parents Adoptions through a couple that we had met through our adoption support group . We were surprised to find out that they did not require any upfront fees like every other service that we had encountered . We also liked that the Director had over 40 years experience in the field . With nothing to lose , we signed up , and our daughter was born 4 months later . We can not say enough good things about Chosen Parents Adoptions” -Mark and Denise ( adopting parents )

“Five stars. As good as it gets ” -Kayla and Cameron (adopting parents )

“I was in a very bad situation . I found out that I was pregnant 6 weeks after my boyfriend was incarcerated. I had no money and no support system . He had been paying the rent , and I now had nowhere to go . Chosen Parents Adoptions referred me to a maternity home that took me in and gave me an amazing support system . I did consider adoption ended up keeping my baby with the assistance of the team at the maternity home . I will be forever grateful to Chosen Parents for steering me in the right direction . ” – Jazmin ( mother )

Chosen Parents Adoptions is the only service that we would ever consider if we were to adopt again . We have referred them to many people over the years . Both of our boys were adopted through an attorney that used Chosen Parents Adoptions for advertising and we could not be happier . – Phil and Esther ( adopting parents)

Our adoption consultant recommended Chosen Parents. We did adopt through them . They really weren’t involved much , as their job is just to do online advertising and refer mothers to attorneys , which they did . It all went very smoothly though , and we feel that we ended up adopting in a much shorter time than if we had gone somewhere else . We liked that we didn’t have to pay a lot of money up front and that they have a refund policy . – James and Laura ( adopting parents)