Adoptmatch Reviews

Chosen Parents does NOT recommend this adoption service. Their practices are not aligned with our values . There are many ethical adoption advertising services that are available and it is important to do due diligence . Adoptmatch has an very unfavorable rating and we have rated Adoptmatch ONE STAR out of a possible rating of FIVE STARS. They have been reviewed and rated POORLY

Adoptmatch is one of many “new breeds” of advertising companies that are springing up . Instead of a huge lump sum which many “pyramid” style services charge and which many are now wary of, vulnerable and desperate adopting families are lured into the lower affordable monthly fee and it’s a death by a thousand cuts . Only $100 a month. Or $250 a month . That’s nothing in the scheme of things , but if the company has 100 families that can be a $25000 a month profit . How much of that is going to advertising ? In many cases zero. We recommend that potential families request to see a copy their adwords bill. If they are not willing to share that they are spending the money on ads , we recommend that this company be avoided . All that you may be receiving is a website that you could probably put together yourself for free . With no advertising an expectant mother will never see you .

For the average consumer , the “app” that Adoptmatch touts sounds inviting . In the real world, though , we find that an expectant mother does a Google search , and does not download an app. The thought of looking for an app, and the extra steps of downloading it is an additional and unnecessary step, and that is why the Adoptmatch “app” is a flop. Instead , the focus is on the online site which does not even show up on our Google advertising competition print out. If they aren’t advertising , don’t waste your money .

Adoptmatch attempts to give a sense of security to the families that they post on their site by touting their elitism. Their website states “. All AdoptMatch families are working with a vetted adoption agency or attorney who has pledged to uphold the AdoptMatch Guiding Principles.”. As if to say that working with a state licensed adoption agency or attorney is not adequate . Theirs are “special” because they have pledged ( under oath we wonder ?) to uphold the “Adoptmatch Pledge “. You can’t make this stuff up.

Most of these companies offer to take the calls that come in from their clients advertising expenditures if the client decides to expand their campaign at an additional cost . What guarantee do they have that an expectant mother that saw their profile is sent to them ? Is there another huge fee tacked on if their advertising dollars pay off ? Why ? Does this mean that the business can spend $3000 of the $25000 , have the ability to bring new  families in on a promising call and  make another $15-20,000 for giving the adopting family the mother’s phone number that called in off of the advertising that the adopting family paid for ? The adopting parents have no control over their adoption journey .

Contact us to see a current screenshot of the major Google Adwords advertising currently . Adoptmatch is not on the list .

We do not recommend Adoptmatch .