Embryo Adoption and Donation

Chosen Parents Adoptions is a service that works directly with attorneys and infertility clinics to assist infertile families in their quest to locate healthy donated embryos. We are not attorneys , social workers nor physicians, although we network with such professionals and assist in coordinating the legal and medical process. Embryo adoption can be less costly than adoption , and it gives the recipient more control of the process. To see a list of available embryos https://chosenparents.com/embryos-available-for-adoption/

Although the term “embryo adoption” is commonly used, there is really no such legal term , as legal adoption is defined by the free dictionary as the following :

Adoption involves the creation of the parent-child relationship between individuals who are not naturally so related. The adopted child is given the rights, privileges, and duties of a child and heir by the adoptive family.

Since adoption was not recognized at Common Law  all adoption procedures in the United States are regulated by statute. Adoption statutes prescribe the conditions, manner, means, and consequences of adoption. In addition, they specify the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.

So , it is understood that there is no actual legal process of adoption since law does not recognize an embryo as a child or an individual . Instead, conscientious business entities that became involved with the disbursement of excess embryos pioneered the term so as to make sure that the recipients of the embryos were qualified to adopt, usually requiring a vigorous background check and many times a completed home study , the same requirements that would be in affect if one were to pursue child adoption. Because Chosen Parents Adoptions believes in the importance of qualifying anyone that we assist , we have joined others that believe in a qualifying home study in order to join either our gestational surrogate program or our embryo adoption program . We understand that this adds an additional cost to the process , but embryo adoption , when successful, is overall one of the least expensive alternative reproductive methods available.

When people consider embryo adoption , they naturally assume that the embryos that are available for transfer are left over from a couple’s ivf journey , there is another option in that some embryos are created from both egg donors and sperm donors , and in these cases there may not be the same emotional ties that some people have to their own genetically related embryos. It is estimated that there are over a million still frozen embryos that have been created through in vitro fertilization that we believe should have an opportunity for life . Many times , the genetic creators of these embryos , having finished the expansion of their families via ivf, are at a loss as to what they should do with their remaining embryos. Oftentimes they are abandoned, and as the years go by , this has become a problem for the clinics that are storing them . These days, patients are usually required to commit up front as to the disbursement of their left over embryos , and sometimes they are willing to allow them to be donated to other infertile families . The embryo adoption program at Chosen Parents Adoptions has both parent donated embryos as well as donor egg and sperm embryos available for adopting parents .

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