Choosing Hope Adoptions Agency Review

We have reviewed Choosing Hope Adoption Agency in Ohio located at 616 N Limestone St, Springfield, OH 45503 and we do not recommend Choosing Hope Adoption Agency . We have rated them a one star out of ten stars , our lowest rating review. . We suggest that anyone that is considering retaining Choosing Hope Adoption Agency in Ohio thoroughly research the agency and look into additional reviews as our experience , although negative , was not lengthy .Our review is based on our own personal experience with Choosing Hope Adoption Agency .

As an advertising service for licensed adoption agencies and attorneys , we had referred a mother who contacted us requesting a referral to an adoption professional to an active member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys , which is an elite group of the most experienced adoption attorneys in the country . Their website is as follows The attorney had matched her with a family that he was actively working with . He had involved an Ohio Academy member attorney as well as a state licensed adoption agency in Ohio. The laws of both the state that the family resided in as well as the laws of Ohio were being followed to the T .

The family that had been matched with the mother had chosen to not move forward , and because we were aware of the case , we chose to send out an email to inform adoption professionals and adopting parents alike that the case was available. We do not charge a fee for this service, it is just to get the word out .

Along comes Angela Boblitt , titled executive director of Choosing Hope Adoption Agency in Springfield Ohio. She sent us an email , which we realize later appears to be a ploy to gather information , by stating ,

A couple of our licensed families have reached out regarding a situation about a baby boy due in January 2023. Choosing Hope Adoptions is a licensed adoption agency in Ohio. Could you please send me further information regarding the situation including a fee schedule and the professionals navigating the case.In the event that our clients are interested we will submit their home study. In Ohio home studies must come directly from the licensing entity.

I cordially gave her the name of the attorney that was handling the case , as well as his contact information . I sent another email shortly after speaking to the attorney informing Ms. Boblitt that the situation was no longer active , and that the mother had already chosen another family .

Her snippy response was “Interesting , this attorney doesn’t practice in Ohio. ” (for the reader , there are oftentimes attorneys and agencies that have been hired by out of state clients , this is not an unusual thing ).

After reminding her once again , that I am just the website designer and adwords campaign manager , I stated “If you are curious , may I suggest that you contact the attorney ? Maybe they will take the time to explain to you how they are handling this case .  I have never had any of the attorneys that we advertise for ever be accused of illegal activities, so  I assume that the attorneys know what they are doing , as they are very experienced and all members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.    Thank you for your understanding and I am sorry that I can not be more helpful ! “

I explained that I am a web designer , so not sure what she is getting at , but that I knew an Ohio attorney and licensed agency were involved . Who in Ohio is handling this. she demands. She felt that the expenses that the mother needed were not legally allowable in Ohio , and SHE needed answers ! Her demeanor sure changed rapidly from an adoption agency inquiring for a case for their clients to someone that was demanding to be given information regarding an attorney’s client that she had no involvement with . I did try to help calm her by suggesting that maybe they had received court approval for higher expenses .

That is not the case in Ohio. Not ever. This advertisement is so very very disturbing. I’m passing it forward to OFJFS and the Ohio AG. she snarled back .

Incidentally , out of curiosity I called the attorney who explained to me how the case was being handled and it was all done legally, as I knew it would be . Too bad that Choosing Hope Adoption Agency in Springfield Ohio didn’t just call the attorney herself , introduce herself , explain her concerns and ask the attorney if he would mind explaining to her what his role is and if he was allowing expenses that were not legal . She might have received the information that she seemed desperate for , as well as learned a thing or two .

It appeared to me that Choosing Hope Adoptions was acting in a very territorial manner, but you can be the judge based on the conversation. Their threats of reporting to the Attorney Generals Office and other governmental reporting agencies were confrontational and unprofessional in my opinion . To insinuate that a reputable attorney of the highest merit was involved in illegal activities without knowing anything about the situation is a red flag to me in reviewing this agency . Her entitled demands , and ultimate threats showed me all that I need to know . There are many great adoption agencies and attorneys in the state of Ohio . We will not be referring anyone to Choosing Hope Adoption Agency.