The staff at Chosen Parents Adoptions has been actively involved with assisting families to adopt for over 35 years . In that time we have discovered some wonderful honest adoption agencies , as well as some that are .. well perhaps a bit misleading . The biggest complaint tends to be against adoption agencies that promise adopting families , or lead them to believe that they will adopt in a very short period of time, and then after the family has hired them , they discover that it may very well take years to adopt.

It is difficult to navigate through the many adoption agency reviews that are available. We have had personal experiences with the majority of the adoption agencies that we have reviewed. In some cases , our clients have relayed their experiences and we have verified them . Our adoption agency review is based on our own knowledge , personal experience, or investigations . Just like any field , a business is only as good as those that run it . Some of our reviews were based on our experience with an employee of an adoption agency . Unfortunately , we can not recommend those agencies because we do not want to refer adopting families to an agency that has an employee that we have had a negative experience with . There are too many wonderful services available . Our bad experience , and thus negative adoption agency review , does not mean that the entire adoption agency is bad , it simply means that we can not recommend them , and the end result is our one star adoption agency review . We advise everyone to do their own due diligence when seeking an adoption agency .